Electric Bath Chair Lift

MAIDeSITe Electric Bath Lift Chair | Suitable for Bathtubs Larger Than 16“ Wide | 6 Bottom Non-Slip Suction Cups | High-Strength Steel Pole Support | Collapsible | Bearing Weight 300 ✅CONVENIENT: We adopt the simplest operation design, only need to control two buttons to make the bathtub lifter work normally to raise 18 inches or tilt 45°. You can use the emergency stop button to stop it immediately at any time. The bath lift adopts a more humane portable method, which is more convenient when moving. With easy access to the bathtub. ✅MATERIAL: We use high-strength steel rods as the support frame of the bathroom lift, which is more stable, and the equipped seat cushions are more conducive to cleaning, making you safer and more comfortable to use. ✅SAFETY: The bathtub lifter is equipped with 6 suction cup bases to be more firmly connected to the bottom of the bathtub, which is more reliable and prevents accidental movement. You can have a safer bathing experience. At the same time, we use IPX8 waterproof design, therefore there is no need to worry about electric shock. ✅SCENES: The specifications of the bathtub is fully considered during the design process, so the lift can be easily positioned in any standard bathtub. When lowered, the seat height is 3.4", the width of the wing opened is 28.5", and the width of the wing folded is 16". ✅Please check the battery after receiving the product. If the battery is running low, please charge it before using it MAIDeSITe Electric Bath Lift Chair The design concept of MAIDeSITE bath lift is to allow people with mobility impairments to enter and exit the bathtub safely and easily. To this end, we have made the following plans MAIDeSITe uses Polypropylene66+33% and Polycarbonates+30% as the main materials. It has more excellent physical properties, is durable, and is completely waterproof, can be reused and does not cause harm to the human body. The design concept of MAIDeSITe bath lift is to allow people with mobility impairments to enter and exit the bathtub safely and easily.s more stable and will not shake. It can easily lift 300 pounds of weight. Safety: Rechargeable hand control Rechargeable hand control Fully waterproof and rechargeable controller, carrying hook. You can easily hang it on the bathroom hook. The bath lift uses a dedicated interface for charging and controlling the lift. It is completely waterproof, and you can even let the hand control float on the water. (Waterproof grade IPX8) High-Strength Steel Pole for Extra Safety High-Strength Steel Pole for Extra Safety The bathtub lift uses a stronger alloy steel rod material as the main support, which is very strong, and the maximum weight is 300LBS. It weighs 28 pounds, and in any environment, you can easily move it to where you need it. 6 Bottom Non-Slip Suction Cups 6 Bottom Non-Slip Suction Cups We equip the electric chair lift with 6 suction cup bases to prevent it from sliding on the wet ground, so as to better protect your safety. The suction cup is equipped with a pull ring, which can be easily lifted when not in use.


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This Electric Bath Chair Lift is available for rent in Ottawa, Ontario.

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