Bear Storage Container

When you're on a four day adventure in grizzly or black bear country, store your food and supplies in the BearVault BV425 Bear Resistant Food Canister. The BV425 Bear Canister's see-through polycarbonate housing and extra-wide, tool-free opening let you quickly find the food you want. Slide this BearVault canister into your pack or attach it to the outside by using the handy strap-guides and enjoy a weekend in bear country. New, Smallest Size, BV425 Sprint! This little bear can is for a quick overnight trip, or for sharing the load in a group. Hikers of every age, build, and fitness can now carry their own food safely. Slides Easily into a Small Pack, Lightest of All: A bear canister for backpacking ultralight with 1-2 days of food for regular hikers, or pack calories like an ultralight pro and get 4-5 days in. Leave Lunch at the Base: Out fishing, climbing, taking photos, hunting? Leave your lunch at the base in this little bear resistant canister to protect it from bears and wildlife while you have fun! Clear Sides, Wide Opening, Tool-Free, Doubles as a Camp Stool: Transparent so you can see your camp food, simple to open, and you can sit on your ultralight bear canister while you munch your lunch. Grizzly (IGBC) Tested and Approved as bear resistant food storage. The same quality, design, and bear worthiness as classic BearVaults, this small bear canister is mighty strong when faced with bears.


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