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owner protection for rentals

We've Got You Covered

Here at Rent Anything Store, customer satisfaction and your peace of mind are our top priorities. In keeping with our Terms of Service, renters who don't return items or return them damaged are responsible for the complete repair or replacement cost.

But what if a less-than-cooperative renter delays payment or disputes the charges? Don't sweat it - we have got your back! With the Rent Anything Store Owners Protection Guarantee, every item you rent out is shielded up to a maximum value of $2500 per booking, ensuring your interests are protected.

Got a question? Need instant advice? Our customer support angels at are ready and waiting to help you out - any time, any day.

Still curious? Dive into our Guarantee FAQs to learn more. Happy renting with Rent Anything Store – where we make lending a breeze!

About the Owners Protection Guarantee

With our Owner Guarantee, we've got your back. We offer an assurance of up to $2500 per rental against non-return and damage. Remember, if you've got commercial insurance, make that your first port of call. If it's a no-go, the Rent Anything Store Owner Protection Guarantee steps in.

Worried about renters who don't return items? Fear not. Our robust terms ensure renters are responsible for full replacement costs in case of non-returns. If they aren't cooperating, that's where the Owner Protection Guarantee comes in, providing compensation based on repair, replacement or original value, whichever is the least.

Now, every good rule has an exception. Our coverage excludes late returns, superficial wear and tear, and lack of maintenance. We don't cover flat tires on electric scooters, real estate, vehicles like campervans, consumables like chemicals, weapons, individual machinery parts, and public liability.

Qualifying for coverage is simple. If you've kept a clean record for the past 5 years (excluding traffic offences), and have never faced a county court judgment, you're in!

Just to clarify things, here's what we need to hear for you to be eligible for the Owner Protection Guarantee.

For the past five roller-coaster years, your only brushes with the law have been the occasional traffic hiccup. Nothing more serious on the radar!

When it comes to the county courthouse, it's a place you've never stepped foot in. No small claims, no debt relief sagas, no voluntary arrangements, and no bankruptcy episodes. You're a stranger to them all!

On the insurance side of things, you've got a clean sheet. No insurer has given you the red card, denied you coverage, or thrown bizarre terms your way.

Lastly, you're not the claim-happy sort. In the past 5 years, you've only reached out to your insurance buddies twice, at most.

Sounds like you? Great! You're fitting into our system perfectly. Welcome aboard!

Owners Pledge

Hey there, Friend!

Our trusty Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are your guiding stars here.

  1. What Gets Covered?

1.1. We've got your back, partner! We're here to guarantee your prized possessions against any bumps, bruises, or scrapes they might encounter during a rental. Each item is safeguarded up to its full value, as long as it's within our $2500 threshold and meets the criteria we've laid out.

  1. What Doesn't Make the Cut? But, hold onto your hat – there are a few things we won't be able to lend a hand with:

2.1. Damage:

2.1.1. If your item throws a wrench in the works due to mechanical or electrical hiccups.

2.1.2. When those pesky inherent defects rear their ugly heads – think rust, pesky moths, or humidity tantrums.

2.1.3. If your item was already a bit banged up before it hit the rental trail.

2.1.4. Alterations and touch-ups done before the rental – that's a no-go.

2.1.5. Everyday wear and tear – nothing to fret about.

2.1.6. When the origins of the damage are more mysterious than a wild west legend.

2.1.7. Damage to delicate items left without their protective armor.

2.1.8. If your item was in dire need of a tune-up.

2.1.9. Vintage items that have seen a few too many sunsets.

2.1.10. Those minor scrapes and scratches that don't cramp your item's style.

2.1.11. Acts of nature or global chaos – floods, quakes, hurricanes, or pandemics.

2.1.12. Flat tires or electric scooter punctures.

2.2. Other Odds and Ends

2.2.1. Lost income from delays or rentals you couldn't fulfill due to a busted item.

2.2.2. Public or product liability – if your gear decides to throw a wild party with unintended consequences.

2.2.3. Anything beyond items – real estate, camper vans, living beings, chemicals, or any gadget that's more sword than plowshare.

2.2.4. No rentals while the claim's in progress, partner.

2.2.5. Hands-off with third parties that ain't verified Rent Anything Store renters.

  1. Who's in the Rodeo?

You're eligible to ride this guarantee bronco if you meet these criteria:

3.1. You're the trailblazer who opened the account.

3.2. You've passed the verification round like a pro.

3.3. No shady convictions in the past five years, just some minor bumps.

3.4. No legal showdowns like county court judgments, debt relief orders, or bankruptcies.

3.5. Insurance? Never refused, canceled, or decked out with special terms.

3.6. No insurance claims in the past five years – you're smooth sailing.

3.7. Hold onto your item 'til it's all checked and cleared by us.

3.8. Handover's only to Rent Anything Store's verified renters – no third-wheeling here!

  1. What's in Your Pot of Gold?

4.1. We're here to make it right – repair costs, replacement value, or original price minus a smidge for depreciation – whichever's less. We'll base "original value" on what you paid, so keep those receipts handy!

4.2. Our Resolution Team will help decide if an item's fixable or riding off into the sunset. If we can't tell, we'll ask for an opinion from a trusted repairer.

4.3. We'll hold off on the Claims process until our Resolutions Team takes a crack at seeking compensation from the Renter. They're on the hook per our Terms of Service.

  1. Your Part in This Oath

5.1. We won't open the treasure chest unless you, as the Owner:

5.1.1. Ask your Renter nicely for compensation.

5.1.2. Report any shenanigans to the law enforcement posse and get a reference number.

5.1.3. Make sure your claimed items were on the rental list.

5.1.4. Keep your "Estimated Value" reasonably close to the truth, within 10% of the claimed value.

5.1.5. Give us the lowdown with proper documentation, including:

A list of the wounded items Proof of their original value Serial numbers (especially for electronics) Before-and-after photos or videos Any required third-party assessments Proof of regular servicing (for sensitive items)

5.1.6. Zip it on social media until the claim's settled.

5.2. Business folks, you gotta have your own insurance for these goods. We'll ask you to try your insurance first.

5.3. If your item's got supplier warranty, use it before coming to us. Show us if they turn you down.

5.4. Notify us pronto, within 24 hours of any incident you want to claim.

5.5. Lend a hand in recovering the item and the Renter's dues.

5.6. We need all the info for your claim within three months, or the claim barn doors close for good.

5.7. Fraud's a no-go. If you try to trick us with false info or a fraudulent claim, you'll be in hot water. Reimbursements, legal action, and a permanent platform ban await.

Now, partner, you're all set to ride the rental trail with Rent Anything Store and please feel free to ping us at any time ! 🤠