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Lighting it up Rent Anything Store style!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we go easy on fees?

  • Simply put, we fell head over heels for this whole rent-not-buy thing—good for the budget, even better for our beloved blue marble. Our joy? Helping this community flourish. So, all your brainwaves for how we can do better aren't just welcomed, they're star-spangled desires.

How are users verified?

  • We’re all about fostering a dependable renting family.
  • We make sure each email ID is as legit as a four-leaf clover.
  • Our nifty two-way review system? Exclusivity personified–only for those who've rented here.
  • Every penny sails safely via Stripe. Their system uses top-tier brains:
  • Super-smart AI: Can sniff out a fishy deal in a split second.
  • Tokenization: Trades your credit card deets for unique tokens–so safe.
  • Two-step authentication: Stripe loves double-checking. Every payment needs two stamps of approval. So, thanks to Stripe's solid-as-a-rock security, each transaction is guarded like the crown jewels!

How much does it cost to list an item?

  • Zilch, nada, absolutely nothing! Listing an item is totally free.
  • Mind you, a 15% platform fee applies on successful deal-sealings.
  • Stripe takes a modest nibble of 2.99% for handling payment, deducted from your reward amount.

How much does it cost to rent any item?

  • You'll be parting with just the amount the lister has fixed.
  • We’re not the sneaky type, we don't levy any hidden platform fees.

How does listing an item work?

  • Sure thing! Begin by minting your profile, then simply follow our trail to list your item. Got a puzzle to solve? We're here.
  • Please be patient, our curation heroes need up to 24 hours to approve your item before it's showtime.
  • To keep the marketplace bustling, we limit the number of items listed in each area – and it's a race! First come, first serve.
  • An unresponsive owner? That's a no-go. If an owner slacks off with messages or booking requests, their listing will be taken down, maintaining our marketplace’s sizzle.

Is my rental insured?

  • We're all about promoting that cozy family feel, where trust is everything. We've built a system where folks with solid intent get to shine. To show our love and to help keep the peace, we help cover owners with our Owners Protection Guarantee.

How do security deposits work?

  • When you list an item, you decide whether a security deposit is needed, and if so, how much.
  • Security deposits are cash-based– handed right to the owner as the rental begins. When the fun's over, it gets returned.
  • It's a mind-easer for the owner, assuring them of their rental's safe return, just as it left.

How are payments protected?

  • We're all-in for making you feel comfortable & safe.
  • Your payments at Rent Anything Store are protected by Stripe, a world-renowned payment processor. Payments are held in trust, and released to the owner only after rental completion.
  • They're top dogs in online payment security with:
  • Super secure encryption: Sensitive data? No worries! Stripe's encryption shields it.
  • Tight compliance: They're strictly within Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).
  • Fraud detection: Real-time fraud alerts thanks to AI and machine learning.
  • Tokenization: Credit card numbers become unique identifiers, boosting safety.
  • Two-step authentication: Extra security? Check, with two forms of ID requirement.
  • Bottom line, Stripe’s hefty security measures limit fraud, securing your transactions.

What happens with damages?

  • Our foundation stone is trust, and we're united in acting right by it.
  • Checkout our Owners Protection Guarantee for complete details

If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you at