Campfire Pie Iron Sandwich Maker

In the world of cast iron pie pans, this is the handiest campfire cookware! Campfire pies & other simple campfire meals have never been easier! It's the ultimate cast iron pie iron for camping, grilling, & open fire cooking. The perfect camp cooker no matter where you are. Woods, mountains, or even the comfort of your own backyard. A tradition you can pass down generations This reliable campfire pie iron is guaranteed to become a staple for your family’s camping trips! Made of cast iron, this mountain pie maker is durable, high heat-resistant, and non-stick. It's also pre-seasoned using innovative technology, so it comes ready to use right out of the box. Keeping it in prime condition is a breeze! After use just: Scrape off any leftover food Rinse it off with hot water (use a mild soap ONLY when necessary) Towel it dry or heat it over the fire to remove moisture Coat it in cooking oil (reheat as needed to resolidify the seasoning) If taken care of, this campfire pie iron will last generations and could even become a family heirloom. Uno Casa Pie Iron with extendable handles, Cast Iron Pie Iron for Camping and Cooking The Uno Casa pudgie pie maker rocks an innovative design! It is: The extra-wide clip makes it easy to connect the two halves and holds both plates together no matter how much food you manage to stuff in there. Lined with a grill grid to preserve food texture, moistness, and aroma. It has two removable handles, making the sandwich maker easy to wash and carry (it fits into backpacks). It comes with the included handle extensions, which can extend this pudgie pie maker from 13.8" to 21.6" in a flash! A hook keeps this mountain pie maker securely shut while cooking, protecting your food from open flames and smoke. Uno Casa Cast Iron Pie Iron with Ebook Receipts for great Camping Dish Happy stomach - happy camper! Whip up plenty in the XL Uno Casa pie iron! Double the size! This pie iron is bigger than standard cast iron pie pans! Fitting 2 portions, it is convenient for couples and families alike. With the Uno Casa campfire pie irons, you'll feed all of your friends (and the rest of the campsite in no time)! P.S. Even though it’s double the size, this pie iron weighs in at only 6.06 lb! Your favorite outdoor tastes - anywhere! Stuck at home but craving some good ol’ campfire food? You don't even need an open fire to make it happen! This pie ironworks with all cooktops! Even on induction! And you can even use this mountain pie maker on a grill! Out of recipe ideas? We’ve got you covered with a bonus recipe book! Together with your cast iron pie iron for camping, you'll receive a campfire cooking recipe e-book! This pudgie pie maker isn't just for pudgie pies the possibilities are endless! Uno Casa Cast Iron Pie Iron for English Breakfast or Baked Sandwich Make your outdoor menu unforgettable! This cast iron pie iron for camping is perfect stuff like: Paninis Pizza pockets Grilled cheese sandwiches Grilled meats Pudgies pies Moon pies Biscuits and so much more Get creative and enjoy making campfire cooking memories with your family and friends.


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