Veterinary B-Ultrasound Machine​,​ Animal Pregnancy Testing

Veterinary B-Ultrasound Machine, Animal Pregnancy Testing Machine, High Accuracy, One-Click Pregnancy Test, Compact and Portable, Waterproof, for Farm Family Pigs Sheep Cat Dog 【Veterinary Pregnancy Test】: A pregnancy test is an instrument that emits and receives ultrasound waves. The uterus of sows and goats is filled with amniotic fluid during pregnancy, so the pregnancy test distinguishes the echo received as a reaction from the amniotic fluid. Determine whether sows and goats are pregnant based on the different sounds the pregnancy test makes. 【Quick Measurement】:Test results will take 15-30 seconds. When you become familiar with the testing procedure, you can obtain good results in seconds. 【Small and Lightweight】: The unique wrist strap is easy to operate. The veterinary ultrasonic scanner is waterproof and dustproof, and the detector can be cleaned freely without worrying about damage. 【Testing Time Frame】: Sows can be tested with a pregnancy tester 25 days after mating. According to clinical trials, the test accuracy on the 30th day can reach 99%. 65-70 days after mating, the amniotic fluid of the fetus gradually disappears and the accuracy decreases. 【Scope of Application】: Used for pigs and sheep. Veterinary ultrasound scanners are the best choice for animal breeding bases and pet hospitals. Description Features: 1. The machine is waterproof and dustproof. 2. Small size, easy to carry,humanized design. 3. High accuracy,put it in the detection position and you get results,easy battery replacement. 4. Sound and light feedback is applicable to different environments. 5. It is widely used in farm,home,pet hospital,grassland and so on. Specification: Name: B-ultrasound machine for Veterinary Battery:* 1.5V Power: ≤400mW Size:75 * 40mm Applicable Objects: Mainly suitable for livestock such as pigs and sheep Product Include: 1* Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner Note:4 AA batteries have low consumption and are easy to buy or replace. Note that the battery is not included in the package.


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