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Water Sport Kneeboard with Hook for Kids & Adults

🌊 Ride the Waves Like a Pro with Game-On Gear Rentals! πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ Looking for exhilarating water fun in Ottawa? Behold the SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard, your ticket to unstoppable knee surfing thrills! 🌟 Features: - #1 AQUA SPORT KNEEBOARD: Showcase your knee surfing prowess at lakes, beaches, or roaring rivers. - ULTRALITE DESIGN: At under 9 lbs, easy transport is guaranteed. Fits in your vehicle or boat with ease. - SECURE STRAP SYSTEM: Adjustable strap ensures safety as you cruise or perform tricks. - UNIVERSAL FIT: A 50" by 20" board that's ideal for most older kids, teens, and adults - a family delight! - TOUGH & WATER-RESISTANT: Crafted from corrosion-proof, marine-grade materials for any skill level. 🚩 Rental Options: - Pick your ride duration with short or long-term rentals available. - Grab your board at our Kanata location. - Rushing to the water? Ask for our delivery and pickup service (extra fee applies). πŸ“² How to Book: - Slide into our DMs by sending an in-app message anytime! πŸ‘ Join the league of water sports enthusiasts with the perfect kneeboard brought to you by Game-On Gear Rentals. Hit the waves with confidence and style! #GameOnGear #RentAnythingStore #Wakeboarding #Kneeboarding #OttawaWaterSports #RiverSurfing #LakeFun #BoatingEssentials #WaterSportAdventure #SereneLife #KneeboardFun #OttawaAdventures #GetWetOttawa πŸ”” Ready to make a splash? Message us in-app.


  • Rental CategorySports & Recreation
  • ConditionUsed - Like New
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  • Cancelation PolicyFlexible - 50% refund with 72 hours + notice.
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