GPS Wireless Dog Fence

GPS Wireless Dog Fence, Electric Dog Fence with GPS, Range 65-3280 ft, Adjustable Warning Strength, Rechargeable, Upgraded Pet Containment System, Harmless and Suitable for All Dogs WIEZ 2023 MODEL GPS WIRELESS DOG FENCE DEVICE This intelligent wireless fence system is a new type of product to the market, with a lovely design, shape, and simple operation. It’s capable of reliably protecting your pet using dependable containment within set boundaries. If the dog exceeds the set activity range, the vibration training function will automatically warn the dog back to the safe area. PRODUCT FEATURES Wireless:you don't need to dig to bury wire in your yard. Protable: the size of our GPS device is merely 3.1*1.7*1.2inch. It uses a GPS location technique, therefore has no need for a transmitter. Rechargeable: the battery can support the device working continuously for 15 hours. Waterproof:the device is moderately IPX4 waterproof, but it CANNOT be immersed in water. Long Distance Control:the control radius distance is 65-3,281 ft (radius). Outdoor use:the GPS wireless dog fence is made for OUTDOOR USE only. 【INNOVATIVE POSITIONING TECHNOLOGY】🌟 Our WIEZ GPS wireless dog fence system ONLY have a COLLAR RECEIVER, it use a GPS location technique, so it's more stable, and accurate than other traditional wireless fences that use a radio-frequency technique. A total of 12 high-quality satellites support the work, so we can provide a much better accuracy than other similar products. 【ADJUSTABLE DISTANCE & WARNING STRENGTH】🌟 This GPS wireless dog fence can cover areas up to 3281 feet radius and up to a max of 776 acres allowing you to use it for OUTDOORS. Its control distance is adjustable between 65-3281ft. The vibration intensity and electric shock can be adjusted in three levels. Set it up once, and the latest model has a full Memory Function. You won't face any INTERFERENCE issues! 【SAFETY DESIGN】 🌟 If your dog goes beyond the set range, the vibration or electric shock will keep working non-stop for 16 seconds, followed by a 30-second pause. Then it will repeat this three times automatically. After warning three times, if your dog has still not returned to the safety area, the system will no longer work until dog comes back to the safety area. All in all, the humanized software settings can avoid any harm to your pets. 【CONVENIENT】🌟 There is no complex setting up process. The setting up and use of this product is very simple.It only takes you few seconds to set the boundary you want. In addition, this product does not need the transmitter (it only needs the collar receiver to work), which is very convenient to carry. You can take your dog with you when you go out. It can be used in most open outdoor environments.


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How To Use Instructions

EQUIP WITH WIEZ DOG FENCE, KEEP YOUR DOGS FREE AND SAFE. Our WIEZ GPS wireless dog fence can cover a sufficient area to allow your pet to roam, explore and play. The vibration intensity can be adjusted in three levels and allows for 32 training modes. Set it up once, and the latest model has a full memory function. There is no need for daily setup, in contrast with the traditional wireless dog fence system devices with a transmitter boxes. WITH OURS, you also won't face any INTERFERENCE issues! This means that if your pet stays outdoors, the collar will keep on working - you won't have to continually reset it! HOW TO SET UP THE GPS DEVICE? dog fence Long Press P Key A long press of the power key "P" turns on the device. Waiting about 1-3 minutes until the numbers of the satellites reaches six or more allows the device to work most proficiently. wireless dog fence Press M Key [Distance Adjust Mode]A long press(about 3 seconds)of the mode key “M” to enter the distance setting mode, and the sign "02" (20 meters) will flicker. [Alarm Adjust Mode]A short press of the mode key "M" allows setting of the alarm mode. There are three alarm modes, beep, vibration and shock. pet containment system Press Up and Down Arrow Key Use the up and down arrow key to adjust the boundary range in distance adjust mode and to adjust the strength of the beep, vibration, or shock in alarm mode. pet fence Test the Electric Shock First, turn on the device. Then, press and hold the up and down arrow keys on the Searching For Satellite Signal screen (the flashing screen displaying "00"). The GPS device will beep, vibrate and generate a shock in turn. The light of the test tool will flicker to indicate the test is in process.

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